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District Message

Welcome to the Parent Portal for Aristoi Classical Academy

The Parent Portal application provides web access to school-related information about your child including grades and attendance. The Parent Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
NOTE: You will be unable to login if you make three (3) unsuccessful attempts - whether it is due to an invalid username or password. The system will only allow three (3) unsuccessful attempts before locking the account. Please give the system time to reset and try again in 24-48 hours, or reset/re-register your account by using a different email address. 
***Please do not create an account before you receive your child's unique ID number.***
You must be assigned a unique ID number for your child(ren) before you begin.
Students' unique IDs cannot be provided to you via email, fax, text, social media or on the telephone. All unique student IDs must be picked up in person at the school. The front desk receptionist will be able to print your paperwork upon showing valid photo identification. 
RETURNING PARENTS: Your child's unique student ID has not changed. 

Aristoi Classical Academy does not have access to your user name or password.

If you have lost or misplaced your child's unique ID number, please make arrangements with the front desk receptionist, bring a photo ID, and another report can be printed for you.

If a password is forgotten, it can be reset using the link under Forgot your Password on the login page.

If a user name is forgotten, you must re-register, using a different email address


If you have questions concerning your child’s attendance or grades please address these issues in the following order:

Discuss the issue with your child;

Discuss the issue with the teacher via email, phone call or a scheduled conference;

Discuss the issue with a campus counselor;

Discuss the issue with a campus administrator.